Teenline is Back!
The first fully-remastered 100-series for the Teenline (and Homework) series features better sound, a few new tunes, and lots more info and links from bands.

Teenline #101 (R & S powerpop & pop-rock: '76-86) Amazing pop. Featuring our title track, from the Shivvers, the Reruns' classic "Since You Gotta Cheat" AND a hot remastered track from their rare second 45, Screen Test (ex-Flashcubes), Sgt. Arms (Bill Lloyd), Real Kids, Rockers, Regular Guys, Riff Doctors, Sex Clark 5, Rattlecats, Responsible Teenagers, Service, Romantics, Saucers, Scott & Marc, Shoes and Radio Alarm Clocks. 26 tracks. (This is exactly the same CD as the last version of Teenline #1, so please do NOT buy it if you have a copy of #1 already!)
Teenline #102 (All-American powerpop & pop-rock, all from the letter "S": '79-85) The magnificent Speedies, Strand, Spongetones, Skunks, Sidewalks, Sighs, Secrets, Squares, Squirrels from Hell, Side Effex, and the Shy and new tracks from the Shambles, Smart Remarks and Shane Champagne. 23 songs.
Teenline #103 (all from the letter "T": '76-85) Tearaways, Toys, Trouble Boys, Tweeds, 2 Minutes 50, Tools, Tiny Voices, Taxi Boys, Third Floor Strangers, Justin Trouble, Trademarks, 20/20, Torpedos, Tuff Darts and Marc Thor. New material from the Transformers and the Trend [from Kennett, Mo]. 23 tracks.
(there is no Teenline #104...Though it might end up being a supplemental volume of mid-80s jangle-pop...)
Teenline #105 American powerpop & pop-rock: U-to-Z (Hyped to Death #34B): X Davis, Windbreakers, Gary Valentine, Upstarts, Yankees, Wayfarers, The Wind, Wild Giraffes, Wishniaks, Jimmy Vigtone, Wednesday Week, Zamp & the Suspects, Van Dykes, Zodio Doze, The Young Idea, Z-Rocks, U.S. ModsÍ 21 tracks.
Teenline #106 American powerpop & pop-rock: A & B (Hyped to Death #44B): Arlis, Artists, Boyfriends, Stiv Bators, Boys Life, Action, Abstracts, Bandables, Astrobeats, Berrys, Ambulance, Craig Bevan, Agents, Beex, Bas Clas, Blue Shoes, Beat Rodeo, Boy Trouble, Blitz, B-MinorsÍ 22 tracks.
Teenline #107 North American powerpop & pop-rock: B & C (Hyped to Death #54B): Cheese, Boys, Boyz, Cheepskates, Comateens, Colors, Crash Kills Five, The Cold, David Branyan, David Burdick, Clicks, Breathers, Buzzarians, J.D. Buhl & the Believers, Cheeters, Gary Charlson, Conditionz, Breakers, CucumbersÍ 23 tracks.

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