December 2008 - 'Dogs lie with cats, fish fall from the sky, Coldplay produce a listenable record, The Shapes reform in their original line up. All of these things are equally likely it seems, but only one of these is in fact true...' [Read the complete saga of the Shapes 2008 "TOUR PATHETIQUE": Free soup and cake, The Damned, beer, photos, Gaye Advert, etc.]


Long ago in a far off land, in a far off place, the white hot anger of punk rock was igniting a new generation of angry young guns, ready to take on the world and force their vision of a society crippled by class divisions and inequity down the throats of the complacent middle classes. There were high stakes. At risk was the very fabric that had maintained the failing British Empire, fought through two world wars in the 20th century, but that was now just thin threads, streched bare over a system that was on it's last legs. There was also free beer to be had and maybe even the odd shag, and with this concept in mind, the latter rather than the former, began the humble genesis of one of the stranger bands to emerge from the Building Society infested wastelands of middle England,