12 Minutes at the Hot Club Murphy -ltd 7" EP (Messthetics #701)

12 Minutes at the Hot Club Murphy 7" EP (Messthetics #701):limited reissue of a Rosetta Stone rarity from 1982: adventurous, subtly-hued pop art from an all-star line-up of post-Homosexuals / This Heat / Rock in Opposition squat savants.
Numbered second edition of 300

The full story is more complicated – and exponentially richer (as is the music!), but here's a short version, in the words of Rob Storey, the one constant in 30-plus years of Murphy variations - Federation Murphy, Orchestre Murphy, The Murphy Love Experience, Murphy Patrol, Murphy Working Stiffs, Laboratoires Murphy, etc.: (musicians performing on the EP appear in boldface)

"We had made a start as the Good For Nothings in about '77/78 and played sort of punk rock music with a line-up of Catherine O'Sullivan, Bing Selfish, Rodrigo Lodwick, Seamus Luttman-Johnson, and Robert Storey. We soon got tired of the straitjacket of the 'punk' sound and started trying other things, 'fake jazz', more theatrical elements, improvisation and performance deconstruction – which resulted in some extremely antagonistic audience reactions...

"After making the first single 'Fed Up Skank' / 'Slipping Past On The Inside', Bing was a semi-detached member of the Murphies anyway, and went on to make 'Selfish Works'. Chris Gray, Jim Whelton, Ted Barrow (who had all been associated with the Homosexuals), Lepke Buchwalter, David Doyle and Joe Torres (who were Milk from Cheltenham), Janey Haggar (Nancy Sesay), and Mick Hobbs (The Work), amongst others, became part of the pool of people who would do gigs, tours or recording sessions. It was a loose arrangement of players by the time we made 12 minutes at the Hot Club Murphy."

In the meantime, Rob's label Noise Method had at least six cassette releases in addition to the Murphy Federation single [NM1], the Hot Club Murphy 12" [NM6, 1982] and Selfish Works [NM8, though officially on El Frenzy, 1982], and there'd also been several junkets to Barcelona that resulted in the Domestic Sampler – UMYU compilation [1981] and Bing's Selfish Works (of whom and of which much more anon!). In addition to the Hot Club tracks that Chris Gray recorded at Surrey Sound, others were taped at This Heat's legendary Cold Storage studio in Brixton with Pete Bullen. Mick Hobbs left The Work (to be replaced by Jim Welton/Amos) and went on to Officer!; Catherine O'Sullivan went on to Sally Patience (who were named for a Murphies song)… Anyway, Messthetics and Stewart Anderson’s [Boyracer+++] Milk and Alcohol label have reissued 12 Minutes at the Hot Club Murphy in its entirety as a 7" EP. The silkscreened sleeve reproduces the original front artwork (admitting there were many variations with different inks and cover stocks, and as the original screens and LetraSetting for the 12" wore out and were patched or replaced "on the fly")… There has never been musician credits until now. $5 [counts as one CD postage in the U.S.: please choose $4.95 shipping option for overseas.]

YouTube videos are online for 'Hiding in the Forest' and 'The Encampment' showing the originals and representative artwork from the first edition of the 7". (The second edition is mostly in blue ink and came out even handsomer!)


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3 x MARY'S DANISH -Underwater promo 12" EP: 3 unreleased tracks
10 x LET'S BREED! compilation LP (second pressing)
3 x PERFUMED GARDEN V.A. freakbeat LP (UK Psycho 6) original
4 x CLASSIC RUINS -Ruins Cafe LP (Presto) Boston '89 second LP
3 x INDIVIDUALS -Fields LP: NJ '82 jangle/alt supergroup orig.
2 x IMMACULATE HEARTS (Dee Pop+Freddie Pompeii) 1st: 'Fever Dream'
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2 x PERFORMING FERRETS - no one told us CD (Messthetics #216)
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5 x O POSITIVE - Only Breathing 5-song EP (Throbbing Lobster 9)
2 x FRANK and JACK -Oh My Darling (Felsted 8539) 1958 doo-wop
2 x PAINTERS & DOCKERS -Love Planet LP: Melbourne '84 Ozpunk
2 x SCAB CADILLAC-White Trash Menthol 100s: pre-Strapping Fieldhands
3 x VOODOO DOLLS -I'm Coming Back to Haunt You: Boston '89 ex-Movers
1 x SKOOSHNY -EP: legendary '78 homemade folkpsych debut
2 x THROWN-UPS -Smiling Panties EP: '87 second
1 x REACTIONS - Tomorrow's Time Today: Cleveland '85 gtrpop first
1 x PRIMITIVES -Sick of It / I'll Be Your Mirror / Noose promo 12"
3 x FLESH EATERS -No Questions Asked LP (Upsetter) L.A. '80 original
1 x PLAGUE -Big JC 45: Athens, GA early 80s punks' first [1985]
1 x SPORE -Active in the Yard (Mission of Burma) one-sided 45
2 x SPACE NEGROS -Go Commercial EP: Boston '80 synth/quirkwave 2nd
2 x NEW MATH -Gardens EP (Braineater ENVY 1) Rochester '84
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3 x HUMANS FROM EARTH -Half Life: '80 Pointed Sticks speedpop/punk
1 x REAL KIDS -All Kindsa Girls (Sponge 10) original SLEEVE ONLY
1 x RICHARD LLOYD -Get Off of My Cloud: '77 solo tracks by TV gtrist
1 x VAMPIRE LOVERS -Buzzsaw Popstar EP: Brisbane '87 horrorpunk
1 x BING SELFISH -Selfish Works 12" EP (1983+ltd sleeve)
2 x COSTES -Secouez…Crevez! LP (Costes Cassette 001) 1986 first
4 x PETER CASE -Steel Strings / Echo Wars promo 12"
3 x HOMOSEXUALS -Astral Glamour 3CD (Messthetics #204)
1 x TIGHTS- Howard Hughes (Cherry Red #2) great singalong '78 punk
2 x TESCO VEE'S HATE POLICE -EP (SFTRI 108) fully autographed
2 x SCREAMING URGE s/t LP (Raw Deal) Columbus '82: great lost punk!
2 x COLOR THE REALITY -V.A. LP: great L.A./LAFMS '82 punk/art comp
4 x MESSTHETICS #102: London D.I.Y. (II)
2 x POINT - Magic Circle LP: '83 Paisley Underground poppsych/p'pop
2 x SKUNKS -2nd LP: classic Austin ʼ82 Teenline pop-rock
1 x BUSTED STATUES -Red Clouds: fine Mission-of-Burma gtrpsych '88
3 x BEN WAH TORPEDOS -Debbie's Like London 45: great powerpop-punk
1 x BOXBOYS -American Masquerade 45: L.A. '79 F vox pop+ska
1 x TEDDY & THE FRAT GIRLS -Alternative Tentacles 12" +extra track
2 x SIDEWALKS -Rhythm Kids: LP version of the Teenline CD
4 x MESSTHETICS #101: London D.I.Y. (I)
2 x COCTEAU TWINS -The Pink Opaque LP (US Relativity/4AD) 1985
2 x CIRCUS MORT EP (Labor 11) NYC '80 post-No Wave pre-SWANS
2 x MIDNIGHT CIRCUS -Richard, Roger, Rodney, Rastus, Raoul, Roderick
4 x CHRIST CHILD - Hard LP: 100% fakepunk from L.A. '77
2 x GLORIOUS STRANGERS s/t LP (Fun City) NYC '82 3F/1M No Wave
3 x MESSTHETICS #103: Midlands D.I.Y. (I)
1 x FLAT: The Art of Truncation V.A. EP
1 x BRUT 66 EP: melodic/primitive '88 shoutalong tradpunk
2 x WOMBATS -What Can I Do/Utter Frustration: CLE '80 fuzz garagepop
3 x ANTiSEEN -Honour Among Thieves LP (Bona Fide) limited first LP
1 x XPOZEZ -Be My New York Doll 45: Huddersfield '83 third single
2 x V.A. KICKS & CHICKS LP: 60s punk/garage/psych compilation
1 x XTC -3D 12" EP (UK Virgin 18812) 1977 original
3 x DAZZLERS - Phonies 45: London '78 powerpop ex-Clash & UK Subs
2 x RANK AND FILE - LP (indie Slash 114) L.A. '82 original
1 x BELL HEIRS -Shaking It Down: great '78 BigStar powerpop
3 x STIFFS INC. -Titanic Tours split 45: One Chord Wonders [Adverts]
1 x SHRIEK -Sex Sells 12" EP: Vanc. '80 punk+artwave gem
2 x The RISING STORM - Alive Again At Andover LP 1982 live, #d/1000
1 x PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY - Puppet Life: Newcastle ʼ78 first
1 x V.A. LIVE AT THE RAT 2LP: seminal Boston '76 proto-punk original
2 x TURBINES -Last Dance Before Highway LP: Boston '85 garage-twang
2 x GREEN - s/t LP (Ganggreen) IL '86: brilliant gritty garagepop
1 x ICEHOUSE -Cross the Border + 'Track by Track' interview promo 12
2 x V.A. FIRST ONE EP: Detroit '81 punkpop+Fugsy+hardrock+other...
2 x STISISM -Bacon Man / Traffic Jam: NJ '96 Mutha band
2 x LET'S BREED! compilation LP (Throbbing Lobster #2)
2 x IN OUT -Levitt House Gone Wrong EP (Viscera-Versa 001) Boston '95 first: difficult-listening 2-chord Fall+DIY
1 x MISSION OF BURMA -Signals Calls & Marches SEALED original
1 x ANGST IN MY PANTS double EP: '80. THE D.I.Y. sampler
1 x CHAIN LINK FENCE - Fireworks 6-song EP (Throbbing Lobster 4)
1 x DAVID FINNERTY -Hold On: Boston '79 Raspberrries (power)pop
1 x DARK DAY - Trapped / The Exterminations 12": NYC '81 minimal
1 x Blackjacks - Dress in Black LP (Throbbing Lobster #5)
1 x TENPOLE TUDOR -Throwing My Baby Out With the Bathwater
2 x MISSION OF BURMA -Active In The Yard b/w SPORE
1 x SQUIBS -Parades / Out on the Town 45: Aberdeen Mods '80
2 x MESSTHETICS' Regional series complete (10 CDs)
1 x JILL KROESEN -I Really Want to Bomb You: NYC'80 Patti poem-swirl
1 x N.O. EXPERIENCE NECESSARY - V.A. LP: New Orleans '80 punk comp
1 x SHANGHAI DOG -Clanging Bell 12" EP: Vancouver '83 anthem-punk
1 x ROCKY SULLIVAN -Love Me Just a Little: '80 BayArea pre-punk rock
2 x TRODDS -We Mean You No Harm EP: '82: cool garagepsych/Twinkeyzz
1 x MICHAEL BLAISE & CHEATER-Scoring Power: NYC '78 quirkwave
1 x OTTO KENTROL EP: Milwaukee '80: exc. hard No Wave/punkwave
3 x INSTANT AUTOMATONS -Another Wasted Sunday Afternoon CD (Mess210)
1 x ELECTRIC MANCHAKOU - Animal Man+2 45: Italian Stooges madness
2 x WILD STARES -Never Seen Before: Boston '81 DIY - Homework #103
1 x CRACKERS -Sir Crackers EP: Steve Almaas 1980, pre-Beat Rodeo
2 x 27 VARIOUS -Hi. LP: Minneapolis '87 first - 2-man poppsychjangle
2 x ACHING VOID-Swirling Colors: NY '89 psych noize/heavy psych #d
2 x MESSTHETICS GREATEST HISS: the DIY cassette-scene vol.1 (#110)
4 x IN OUT -Hatched and Scrambled!!! EP (Viscera-Versa 002) Boston '95: terrific no-fi Fall/DIY-revival clanging
3 x LANDLORDS -Favorite Songs EP: pre-HAPPY FLOWERS punk/trash
1 x BADBEATS - Tip of My Tongue/ One and One Is Two (Beatbad 1000) '79: '64-style Lennon-McCartney beat-songs
2 x ZOO BOUTIQUE -Forgive & Forget 45: Leeds '82 synth-wave
1 x MADE FOR TV -So Afraid of the Russians: classic newwave+minimal
1 x MICHAEL GUTHRIE BAND-My Generation/Big Guitar: '87 rockers
1 x VA-WHERE'S STANTON PARK LP (Stanton Park) Boston '90 garagebands
1 x PRIMITONS - 6-song EP (Throbbing Lobster #8)
1 x STRANGE -Disco Queen / I Promise You My Love: Florida '79
1 x BADBEATS - Lies / Tell Her No (Beatbad 1003) Long Island '80 revivalist covers of Knickerbockers & Zombies
1 x LITTLE ROGER & the GOOSEBUMPS -Kennedy Girls ('79 novelty 45)
1 x TRODDS -I'm A Wild Child/Take Down (Stanton Park 001) Boston '81
1 x NEW RACE-Crying Sun: '83 BIRDMEN+STOOGES live original+POSTER
1 x NEW SALEM WITCH HUNTERS -Falling: CLE '86 garage punkpop
1 x TWO SAINTS -King Of NYC/Are You Living [J.Thunders] Boston '86
1 x IMMUNE SYSTEM -Ambivalence & Spark Plugs: great '79 Pylon raver
1 x NOOGS Everybody Loves You / Why Not? (Beatbad 1002) excellent undiscovered '80 Byrds-jangle poprock
3 x GROW UP -The Best Thing LP (Object 005) brilliant/adventurous 79
1 x SKIDS -Woman In Winter 45 with 12-page comic book PS
1 x JOHN SHERIDAN - Countermove / Don't Blame It On Love (Beatbad 1007) Long Island '81 poprock/sunshine pop
1 x SUICIDE COMMANDOS -Mark He's A Terror / Match: Mpls '77 classic
1 x PLASTICLAND -Mink Dress 45: Wisc. '80 DIYpsych: great first 45
1 x V.A. ATTACK OF THE JERSEY TEENS LP: great 60s garage-bands
1 x LITHIUM X-MAS -Message To Charlie (Rockadelic 102) exc.'88 psych
2 x LEROI BROTHERS -Moon Twist EP: Austin '81 classic first
1 x WICKED -The Spider and the Fly: Boston 1979 fakepsych
1 x BLACKJACKS -Dress In Black / Generic NYC Woman 45
1 x PETS -Break'em All Down/Never Home: Boston'87 blazing garage/pop
2 x VVV LIVE AT THE HOT KLUB LP: Dallas '82 - Ejectors, NCM, HBX++
1 x JOHNNY & the JUMPER CABLES: heavy '83 garagepunk/trash w/Kenne H
1 x IN2XS -In Khaki/Cybermen+2 EP: Blackpool '81 punk & Clash-reggae
2 x LEFT BANKE - And One Day / Queen of Paradise
1 x JIHAD -Bad Timing: Hoboken '82 pre 1/2 JAPANESE D.I.Y.
1 x 12 Minutes at the Hot Club Murphy -ltd 7" EP (Messthetics #701)
2 x WKGB -Non-Stop: NJ ʼ79 great no wave grind+minimal synth
1 x HUNS -Live At The Palladium 1979 EP/LP (EV Records 10)
1 x YOUNG SNAKES -Bark Along...EP: aimee mann's '82 first: orig seal
1 x TOXIC ZOMBIES -Die Toxic LP (Mutha 31) exc. NJ snot-trad/trashpk
1 x LADDS FROM BELLEVUE -Relative Dist.: exc. '87 F vox garagepsych
1 x SISTER RAY -Psycho Sis / Bathroom Blues: '89 red vinyl, numbered
1 x About these records / additional postage instructions
1 x SOFT CELL -What / Insecure Me? promo 12"
1 x FOUR KINGS -Loving You Is No Disgrace: London'80 DIY thugshuffle
1 x NEPTUNE'S CAR 45: Great '80 DIYgnarl/Embarassment groove
1 x JULES BAPTISTE -Red Decade 12" (Neutral) '82 Branca/Clevo NoWave
1 x EARCOM 3: landmark postpunk V.A. 2xEP (Fast Product 9)
1 x MR. HAMPTON B COLES -One Ruined Life LP: Atlanta '78 out out out
1 x MICHAEL GUTHRIE BAND-Back on the Street: A-list 1978 powerpop!
1 x BLEACHED BLACK -Wrist-Slashing Romance EP: CT '85 "chainsaw pop"
1 x BLUE ICE -Power Play 45: Billy Synth's '77 psychpunk band
1 x RADIO BIRDMAN -Surfin at 2JJJ live EP: radio tracks 11/76
1 x SOUL ASYLUM-Standing In The Doorway/James at 16 Medley 12" promo
1 x IMPOSSIBLE YEARS -Baby Baby: A-list garagey '81 powerpop
1 x MORELLS -Shake and Push LP: Springfield MO '82 roots'n'roll orig
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