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The Messthetics compilation series (UK DIY/post-punk) *
Homework compilations (American home-made & post-punk)*
Teenline compilations (American powerpop/pop-rock)*
Hyped to Death (US punk compilations) *

North American punk 1976-1984... What punk was really all about: 1976-1982. Some bands are famous, most of 'em are still undiscovered and 99% of'em were indies. Hyped to Death features hundreds of bands, and we've finally re-packaged the letters A-to-C and R-to-Z into the "new" Hyped to Death #1-6... You should also check out CDs by Screaming Urge, Toxin 3, Vast Majority and...

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American "D.I.Y." (Do it yourself) compilations: ...low-budget, home-made or just cool and strange... Artwave, punk-wave, experimental, post-punk, No Wave: there's lots of everything, most all of it from the golden years of DIY, 1977-1982: "The [Homework] series is a better sociological study of white boys gone cuckoo than Lord of the Flies or Kids" --Jason Gross, The Village Voice 8/30/00.


Power-pop and pop-rock from 1975-1985: Powerpop means unrepentant hooks, Rickenbacher guitars and shameless singalong choruses. Powerpop means never covering up an emotion, however adolescent, goofy or fleeting. Powerpop KNOWS you're, well, alone. Alone in a world where, somewhere, inevitably, there lurks the PERFECT GIRL. It's just that she's already going out with someone else --or she's one or more of the following: spiteful, oblivious, older, hiding, too shy, and/or too pretty. She's also unapproachable, unaffordable or under-monogamous. Finally, in its heart of hearts, powerpop is always about hoping you'll make a good impression on her mom... (Please note that the 1% or so of Teenline bands with female vocalists tend to have a more positive self-image, but you'll have to check that out for yourself.)

The U.K. "D.I.Y." sound from 1978-1984: amazing home-made gnarling, grinding, postpunk, sonic experiments and flat-out bashing from England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland. Our little Messtheticisms essay may help explain, or you can check out Johan's top 100.

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